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an equal decline in rape whistles [userpic]
by an equal decline in rape whistles (drummergroupie)
at February 7th, 2009 (01:42 pm)

I've been a very bad mod and I'm humbly posting to regain your trust and forgiveness. We're going to kick start this community and make it more active than it EVER was because we have way more members than I ever thought we would and it's AWESOME. So. First, a poll, to see what you guys are interested in seeing around this joint:

Poll #1345453 Dead community dead no more v.2.0

What would you like to see at sexpistolsslash to rev up the community?

Monthly fic/art/video challengees
Monthly fic/art/video awards for members
Weekly/biweekly discussion about all things Pistols

You can check more than one, I'm just interested in knowing where our interests lie as a community. If you think of something else that you'd be interested in seeing around here, by all means, tell me about it in a comment! I'm more than open to suggestions to make this community active again.

Also, I'm considering promoting someone to being co-mod so we don't have months of inactivity from mods (/sheepish), so PM me or shoot me an email at drummergroupie (at) gmail.com, and we can talk about what responsibilities you'd have and what you'd be interested in doing for the community.

And the last note! I'm still interested in compiling a beta list, so please email me/PM me if you're interested in being a Pistols beta. I think it'd be great to promote the quality of fic in our community so we can get even more members with our amazing writing chops.

I'll be around from now on, so be on the look out ;D Thanks for making this community so great, ya'll <3